Brandon Weis


Senior | Business Management | Madison, AL

Brandon Weis, 21, is a veteran member of the on-ice team and the current President of the club. A senior in Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship, Weis is responsible for the overhaul of the club’s approach to staffing and hired an all-new crew to handle things off the ice. His goal before he graduates is to transform Auburn’s Hockey Club from a fun way to continue playing the sport he loves into a program and brand worth following and celebrating.

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Ryan Scott

Vice President

Junior | Accounting | Birmingham, AL

Ryan Scott is the Vice President of the Auburn Hockey Club and serves as the head of all recruiting, player contact, and alumni contact efforts. He hopes to continue building Auburns program by bringing in talented players and increased fan support in the near future.

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Eamon Smith

director of media production

Junior | Journalism & History | Franklin, TN

20-year-old Eamon Smith oversees all off-ice operations for the club, in addition to running the teams media coverage. Smith is interested in sports production, journalism, and management, and writes for SB Nation while also working for Auburn Athletics under War Eagle Productions. His favorite NHL team is the Nashville Predators.

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Meghan Hancock

Director of gameday operations

Junior | Exercise Science | Chicago, IL

A 20-year-old junior in exercise sciences, Hancock is interested in physical therapy/athletic training and is a personal trainer in her free time. She is planning on getting her doctorate in physical therapy after she graduates. Her favorite NHL team is the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Matt piper

Graphic design

Senior | Environmental Design | Birmingham, AL

Matt Piper, 21, is a senior at Auburn and majoring in Environmental Design. Having an interest in graphic design, he designs jerseys and helmets in his free time. A Franklin, TN native, Matt's favorite NHL team is the Nashville Predators.

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Henry Zimmer

Staff writer

Senior | Journalism | Jacksonville, FL

Henry Zimmer, 22, is in his fifth year at Auburn and is graduating in the spring. Zimmer is a journalism major and also works at the Sports Reporter for The Auburn Plainsman. His favorite NHL team is the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Alyssa DuCote.png

Alyssa DuCote

gameday operations

Junior | Nursing | Mobile, AL

Alyssa DuCote, 20, is excited to help Auburn Hockey run smoothly on and off the ice in the first relatively normal season since the initial COVID-19 shutdown. Her favorite NHL team is the Nashville Predators.

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Bella Facchini picture.jpeg

Bella Facchini

social media

Freshman | Management & Marketing | Chicago, IL

Bella Facchini, 18, is one of two Social Media Coordinators for our team. After growing up around hockey, she is hoping to focus on sports management and marketing and would like to work for a major athletics organization or team in her future. Her favorite NHL team is the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Brooke Harp

social media

Senior | Marketing & Finance | Alpharetta, GA

Brooke Harp, 22, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Finance is a Social Media Coordinator for the team. She manages the social media accounts and creates content furthering the team’s brand and awareness across many platforms, increasing engagement from the University as well as the local community. Brooke is very passionate about marketing and has worked for the Harbert Business College since her sophomore year. Her favorite NHL team is the Nashville Predators.  

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Kaitlyn Stocum.jpg

Kaitlyn Stocum

assistant director of gameday operations

Sophomore | Food Science | Raleigh, NC

Kaitlyn Stocum, 19, is a member of the Tri Sigma sorority and the food science club. Stocum, an avid Hurricanes fan, is looking to bring the same success and fan engagement from her hometown team to the Plains.

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Kate Handel profile picture.jpg

Kate Handel

gameday operations

Junior | Chemical Engineering | Memphis, TN

Kate Handel, 20, is part of Auburn Hockey’s gameday operations staff. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, she’s outdoorsy and loves to meet new people and get involved with anything at Auburn. Her favorite NHL team is the Montreal Canadiens.

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Katey headshot_edited.png

Katey Zencuch

gameday operations

Sophomore | Exercise Science | Woodbridge, VA

Katey Zencuch is a sophomore majoring in exercise science, and is interested in becoming an athletic trainer. Along with hockey, she enjoys watching Formula One and football. Katey is also involved with the Kinesiology, PT/OT club, and CHAARG. Her favorite NHL team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Abi Wampler

Gameday Operations

Sophomore | Global Studies | Huntsville, AL

Abi Wampler is a sophomore majoring in global studies, and is interested in going into tourism hospitality. Along with hockey, Wampler is interested in travel, foreign cultures, cooking, and loves the beach more than anything else. Her favorite NHL team is the Washington Capitals.

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Ashley DeSilva

Gameday Operations

Freshman | Microbial Biology | Chicago, IL

Ashley DeSilva, 18, is a freshman from Chicago, IL majoring in microbial biology. DeSilva plans to go on to grad school after her time at Auburn to carry out a research career in a specific area of interest in her major. She love to work out, cook, and watch movies in her free time. Her favorite NHL team is the Chicago Blackhawks.

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