2021-22 State of the Program

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Image via Kaitlyn Stocum, Auburn Hockey

Hello to all of our loyal fans out there on the Plains and beyond. My name is Eamon Smith; I’m a junior at Auburn University and the acting team CEO. This means that I oversee anything happening off-ice, although I ultimately answer to our President, Brandon Weis. I’d like to ask for a few minutes of your time as I offer you all some updates on where our organization stands on some often requested or discussed topics, as well as to offer a much-needed and long overdue apology and explanation concerning our most recent jersey sale. Please read the breadth of this article; I hope it can answer some of those nagging questions or concerns that you and others may have.

I’d firstly like to address perhaps the most pressing point of discussion in our unresponsive jersey sale. Let me offer you all a sincere apology for our program’s negligence on this part. I cannot excuse the lack of consistent and timely replies to your requests for explanations as to why your purchases have not arrived on time, or why there has been no publicly issued news on that front. I myself have only gotten access to our social media pages and email list recently and had no idea that we hadn’t been updating everybody on what was going on.

Our jerseys have unfortunately been delayed, along with other pieces of gear that the team sent to our supplier (Rebirth Sports) for retrofitting. Rebirth is dealing with overwhelming orders that they apparently do not have the capacity to handle, along with innumerate supply shortages due to the aftershocks of the pandemic’s total shutdown period. We ourselves have been frustrated with these delays and the lack of a concrete timeline, but seeing as Rebirth is located in Michigan and we cannot manifest adequate resources to speed up the process, there is little we can do.

An update from Rebirth as of Sept. 7 reads as follows:

We are shooting to finish up the order by the end of the week/weekend and then it will be shipped to our main facility for packing/sorting with other orders and heading then to your given location. We will follow up with production now after the extended holiday weekend to continue on getting further updates as they finish orders.

According to our President, the jerseys should be arriving sometime in the next week. If they don’t, there will be a public update posted to our social media and sent out to our email list. If you would like a refund, please contact our President, Brandon Weis, at bmw0086@auburn.edu. Again, I’d like to personally apologize for our failures concerning this subject. It’s something that I assure you will not happen again as long as I am part of this organization.

In other news, you may have noticed that our website has undergone a redesign. While the current set of pages you see is far from complete, we wanted to offer some operational functions ahead of the team’s first regular season game in Daytona Beach against the UCF Knights. You’ll note that we now have a newsfeed on the home page, which will feature plenty of written content (as well as some audio content) in the near future. We also have a functioning schedule page with a calendar featuring event dates, times, locations, and video streaming/radio information. These events can be added to your Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or iCalendar from the calendar itself; just click on the event and you’ll see an “add to calendar” button.

Lastly, we have one massive change to announce: online ticketing. While the team will still be selling tickets at the door for games (please keep in mind that we will be playing in the Columbus Civic Center itself for this season, as the Columbus Ice Rink attached to the side is being used for City Council events), we will also be offering online purchases. Student tickets will remain free of charge provided that the purchasing party can produce a valid student ID at the door along with their ticket; adults will be charged $10 per ticket, and children $5 per ticket. We want to make the gameday experience as seamless and professional as possible, and this is a big step in that direction. Tickets are now available for our home opener against the University of Tennessee on Oct. 22, 2021.

Within the coming weeks, expect further updates and upgrades to our website, including but not limited to:

  • Interactive player stat pages

  • Complete rosters of players, team staff, and coaches

  • An in-depth area for fan content, including wallpapers, how to follow the players on social media, directions to the arena and parking stipulations, and other useful information and fun things

We’re also working on assembling galleries of old photos, as well as a history page of program record holders and all-time statistics. Lastly, we’ll be putting out a set of sponsorship tiers and beginning work on adding some stronger financial backing to the organization so that we can offer some momentous things (high quality video streaming of home games for free, publicly hosted events for the community, and more) down the road.

I will be at Auburn for another three years at the very least. I changed majors, am completing a double major, and will be attending grad school here, so for the foreseeable future I’m going to be the guy heading up all of these changes. If you have questions for me, please contact me at ets0021@auburn.edu; I’m going to be here for a little while longer, so why not get to know me?

Thank you again for your continued support, and War Eagle.

Eamon Smith